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i draw me own sereis and was a new grounds geek since 2020


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Posted by JunoEddleman - 2 days ago

hello guys welcome back to this user and today we will be talking about s3 of the show which is now called showdown now showdown show that we are creating here are the main characters of s3 @Hectorplata2 @DJGreenJes (Holly djgj which is called djwj because in s3 he wears white clothing) anyways @Benja008 also my favorite hector plata characters pretty much it is gonna be like part 4 of jjba but uh it will take time to process bc my grandpa is gonna die and i will not get to see him i am growing on my friends and stuff its just sad but anyways you get it so yeah but this season is to celebrate hector's joining as the devs also the script for episode 1 will be out soon hope you will love the script WaIiiiiit help error error @0urcast hacks the stream o cast here from s2 all i got to say is no matter what you stardust crusaders do or resistance do i will take over all 7 nations we must burn society to the ground ha ha ha *coughs 3 times, anyways see you later in s2 stream unhacked wow uh looks like o cast is on to somthin well s1 script coming out soon now let me tell you about one last thing go try and find the 41 fanz special bc that is a leak to episode 1 but not the art style of ep1 bye


Posted by JunoEddleman - 7 days ago

Flashing lights (lights lights lights)

Flashing lights (lights lights lights)

Flashing lights (lights lights lights

Flashing lights (lights lights)

She dont believe in shooting stars but she believe in shoes and cars wood floors in the new apartment

Couture from the stores department

You more like L'eau Stardee shit

I'm more of the, trips to Florida

Order the h'oderves, views of water

Straight from the page of your favorite author

And the weather so breezy

Man why can't life always be this easy

She in the mirror dancing so sleazy

i get a call like "Where are you Yeezy"

Till i get flashed by the pararazzi

Damn these fella's got me

I hate these fella's more then trump

As i reacal i know you love the show off

But i never thoght that you would take it this far

What do I know?

Flashing lights (lights lights lights)

What do I know

Flashing lights (lights lights lights)

I know its been a while

Sweetheart we hardly talk, I was doing my thing

I know I was foul bae-bae

A bay lately you been on my brain

And if somebody would've told me a month ago

Fronting though, yo i wouldn't wanna know

If somebody would've told me a year ago

I'd go get this difficult

Feelin like Katrina with no Fema

Like Martin with no Gina

Like a flight with no Visa

First class with the backseat i still see ya

In my past, you still on the other side of the glass

of my memory's museum

I'm just saying Mona Lisa

Come home you know you cant roam without Caeser

As i recal I know you love the show off

But I never thoght that you would take it this far

What do you know?

Flashing lights (lights lights lights)

What do you know?

Flashing lights (lights lights lights)

Flashing lights (lights lights lights)

Flashing lights


Posted by JunoEddleman - 8 days ago

o cast is known as @0urcast one of the deadly 7 he was spared in season 1 episode 8 to be the best vilans in season 2 also known as the person who tried to rule the whole 7 nations but failed bc benja killed him o cast being the main villan of s 2 he will be as smart and strong as djgj next of djgj is the one the best villans his gf is eletrik sakura (thats how u prononce it in the show) and djgj rips on the disc my guy pretty much in the story he kills my mum and dad in the story but when it comes to djg in a fight no matter what he respects his enemys finally his best friend is pretty much o cast also o cat is my faveorite charactar


Posted by JunoEddleman - 8 days ago

this is a show for the whole friend group now we might make it a art series but just vote on art or animation this will take music animation or art stylling anything you can even join but i will only tell you about the characters and season 1. the seasons this is the jjba version of the whole friend group so yeah season one is me @ItzBlujay @parra86rar @EpicJohn11 and @ysporquix so yeah but it is a group of anarcy if thats how you spell it anyways evil @DJGreenJes now the presidant of the green nation the nation of energy with his stand called record it can stop time if @DJGreenJes says "stop the track" also my stand is just like star platnum now @DJGreens will hire assassins such as @patao445566 @Hankman26 @0DearKruno @ESTADO-BALL @Primchilla @Jeorge-Marques @Backflash456 @0urcast @ElectricSakura and ya know @DJGreenJes 2nd season my charactor dated a woman who had a siter and that sister had a son which was @Benja008 so in the show i am his uncle but also when djgj used stop the track my charactor moved through stoped time and used a super puch but the it was a time flicker it made djgj a baby a one seccond year old lmao and well this season 2 took place after 13 years and that means my charactor is 26 while djgj is 13 so yea and benja is 13 just like djgj also @Noobfromroblox is in the sd team just like @EpicJohn11 anyways season 3 is @Hectorplata2 themed with 3 of my favorite hector plata charactors init and benja thats all


Posted by JunoEddleman - 1 month ago

i need one for mission assassin ussaly if the pixel artist can't handle it or can't come into a meeting then we need big so yeah discord is OPMAN#2119 friend me now dm me on newgrounds or discord or comment on the news post if your up

Posted by JunoEddleman - August 29th, 2021

30 fans i allways wanted to get to here it is a good day also another person hit there goal which is @parra86rar this is the day where i say i will face reveal when i am ready so if you want face reveal look at your feed to see the news bye


Posted by JunoEddleman - August 22nd, 2021

i am deciding to make a post jmal decided to piss on my gf and said his pp was "this big" well guess what his pp is small and it is this size <3 that it but smaller but my pp is bigger it is this size <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<33333333333333 yea and i will piss on the world but i will not just piss on the world i will piss on the moon i will give you 23 hours before the piss droplets drop so get th funk out of my site. joking lol

Posted by JunoEddleman - August 16th, 2021

after meeting friends i decide to create stick battle a art series then i decide to get a animation team so yeah i make a uhh a post but i did not know what a forum was when posting so since i knew nothin about newgrounds i post it telling people that i will give them fame then this guy says that no skilled person looks looks for fame and no one will get famous from one little kid first of all i know a lot of skilled people that look for fame it's just this is not about puting all the millions of people that do that in the news post anyways i move on i am not that much of a conflict guy all tho the guy that was in my "fake forum" comenting those words sounded like a twitter user anyways 1 week later i only got a co author but i could not just get a co author and do the project on a discord call so i decided to quit but a guy was scrolling through the blogs and saw my post he said how come than i saw a skilled person a animator i can do the art with him and he can do the art and animation to and his name was @EpicJohn11 so we became friends 2 weeks later we have a discord call then i see this persons art i coment on it i his name was @itzblujay so i think he looks at the coments in my news post i decieds to join the team i made him the co animator and stylist we become friends after that 1 month later i make a animation studio as the mascot RED.BLUE with the staff john dripi and me uh but bad stuff happend before a kid sent me two death threats well i wished death on the kid over minecraft goats but lets be honest we have been in a simalor sitouation also i told him i was non binary and my pro nouns were they/them but the kid calls me a he anyways that's all i will finish stick battlei n december bye

Posted by JunoEddleman - August 15th, 2021

i found newgrounds in 2018 i played madness project nexus but i didn't have a acount so thats all i played in 2020 newgrounds was not dead anymore bc of funny rapping game you know it after i made art and stuff the i scrolling through the art portal and i see art by @ysporquix i look more at his art and i liked the art so he keeps creating art next i found @parra86rar in the coments so i go on his profile and see his art i thinked hey this art is drip rate it five stars then parra and me become friends it was sort of finding some in a box in the middle of the street so i get back to creating art after a while i do more art and the i make this post called parra from my reality and parra decides to create this remaster then after that i meet all these people like @pumpispro so next i create art and then there is @potato445566 he is a random guy i met yeah so yea i meet more people then i learn how to shade so i make shading art heh make more till i have to much breaks so i create artvi enjoy creating and yeah thats how i met everyone and newgrounds


Posted by JunoEddleman - August 8th, 2021

a kid: games and stuff so cool i wonder what new game is out ooh mission assassin made by @EpicJohn11 and Juno Eddleman. Juno: thats right i am making a game with me and John also we need a person who does pixel art. yeah we are going to have voice actors i will do art for the cut scenes and sprites with the pixel artist and stylist. next stick battle is still going on just wait for it to hit the line it will be on my yt and newgrounds. thats all remember if you are a pixel artist stylist then please help us so byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.