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currently i am a artist i will be creating series upon series of animation and games with people
my birth march 3rd
my real name jack
my bestfriend hayden
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the best person in the world tom fulp
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how i met newgrounds part two

Posted by JunoEddleman - August 16th, 2021

after meeting friends i decide to create stick battle a art series then i decide to get a animation team so yeah i make a uhh a post but i did not know what a forum was when posting so since i knew nothin about newgrounds i post it telling people that i will give them fame then this guy says that no skilled person looks looks for fame and no one will get famous from one little kid first of all i know a lot of skilled people that look for fame it's just this is not about puting all the millions of people that do that in the news post anyways i move on i am not that much of a conflict guy all tho the guy that was in my "fake forum" comenting those words sounded like a twitter user anyways 1 week later i only got a co author but i could not just get a co author and do the project on a discord call so i decided to quit but a guy was scrolling through the blogs and saw my post he said how come than i saw a skilled person a animator i can do the art with him and he can do the art and animation to and his name was @EpicJohn11 so we became friends 2 weeks later we have a discord call then i see this persons art i coment on it i his name was @itzblujay so i think he looks at the coments in my news post i decieds to join the team i made him the co animator and stylist we become friends after that 1 month later i make a animation studio as the mascot RED.BLUE with the staff john dripi and me uh but bad stuff happend before a kid sent me two death threats well i wished death on the kid over minecraft goats but lets be honest we have been in a simalor sitouation also i told him i was non binary and my pro nouns were they/them but the kid calls me a he anyways that's all i will finish stick battlei n december bye