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currently i am a artist i will be creating series upon series of animation and games with people
my birth march 3rd
my real name jack
my bestfriend hayden
favorite ng character darnell
the best person in the world tom fulp
thats it


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new show coming out soon

Posted by JunoEddleman - October 9th, 2021

this is a show for the whole friend group now we might make it a art series but just vote on art or animation this will take music animation or art stylling anything you can even join but i will only tell you about the characters and season 1. the seasons this is the jjba version of the whole friend group so yeah season one is me @ItzBlujay @parra86rar @EpicJohn11 and @ysporquix so yeah but it is a group of anarcy if thats how you spell it anyways evil @DJGreenJes now the presidant of the green nation the nation of energy with his stand called record it can stop time if @DJGreenJes says "stop the track" also my stand is just like star platnum now @DJGreens will hire assassins such as @patao445566 @Hankman26 @0DearKruno @ESTADO-BALL @Primchilla @Jeorge-Marques @Backflash456 @0urcast @ElectricSakura and ya know @DJGreenJes 2nd season my charactor dated a woman who had a siter and that sister had a son which was @Benja008 so in the show i am his uncle but also when djgj used stop the track my charactor moved through stoped time and used a super puch but the it was a time flicker it made djgj a baby a one seccond year old lmao and well this season 2 took place after 13 years and that means my charactor is 26 while djgj is 13 so yea and benja is 13 just like djgj also @Noobfromroblox is in the sd team just like @EpicJohn11 anyways season 3 is @Hectorplata2 themed with 3 of my favorite hector plata charactors init and benja thats all



o cast will do anything to kill its target or what he calls it prey

also you become the main villan of season 2 from getting spared and you are the 2nd best villan

Can't wait! ;3

you have A LOT OF LORE

uff, how would i do my job? by the way, I join

you can do art and voice act for yall character


your character design will be odd

a lot to process


i like how you spelt my name wrong

i did?

mmm I like that I am a mercenary now!! It is all just for the fun if it!!!

very skilled vilan

Ok l think

in the show you will be very powerful

@ESTADO-BALL @JunoEddleman epic gamer moment


@potato445566 @JunoEddleman ye u spelt it as "patao445566"

yea i was typing really fast like shit currently i am making a post of the lyrics of flashing lights by kanye west

@Hectorplata2 @JunoEddleman In art if I can do it but voices,
uff i'm not very good at that

Sounds sick