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s1 ep1 script1

Posted by JunoEddleman - October 23rd, 2021

CRAIZY NOISEY BIZZARE TOWN intro: plays CRAIZY NOISEY BIZZARE TOWN intro stops. episode starts with young djgj at the fucking age of 17 listening to cupid shuffle in 2018 because he misses listening to it in gym class when he was a kid juno busts in saying: help me with my homework djgj being a hermit sez: gO aWaY Juno the sensitive bitch cries and says you're mean djgj regrets it but suddenly a mask apears saying you are the chosen one for the mask of 7 sins (the original djgj mask) and the mask sez i will give you power after you being such a terrible person (in this djgj is mean but in ng and stuff he actully is a good person) djgj knows that such power is all he wanted even tho a fucking mask just appeared out of nowhere so he takes it and puts on the mask but uhh it did not have the green mouth and eyes it was white for now and he puts on a black hoodie but he still has white hair so he covers it with the hood on top so djgj has power now he ran away from home for one week to make some robots lmao and sent them just to FUCKING KILL HIS MOM AND DAD BUT NOT HIS BROTHER (but be and djgj are not brothers irl just in this show aight) and well after juno witnessing that he cried so bad that he even cried out his own fucking piss inr craizy like SHIT. so 3 weeks later juno wakes up (morning chow plays from jjba pt4) and he meets his friend blujay his best friend juno sez yuh blujay what juno blujay also sez should we skip skoo juno sez blujay like he says well i will get another 0 a fat one but who gives a fucking shit (great days plays from jjba) letz go wso they like talk and stuff they walk n talk yaknow and they see a heard of djgj enemy bots they are about to die (Jolyne's theme plays) so djgj bots come in but juno lets out his green powers because the seccond djgj got his green powers was the seccond juno got his green powers so we uses all his moves like green beem green lazer green suff but juno gets tired from fighting bc he was up all night but blujay got his stand called blu and used his blu stand moves like blu ball blu sword blu chain blu shield and stuff but juno waked up and blujay and juno got his stand called gunpowder platnum and went ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA and defeated them but there was to much robots so what do you know it parra comes in ysporquix aka kaye come in ( ysporquix's name is kaye in the show) and john all 3 are gunpowder gang and blujay and juno fight with themcafter that parra sez: that was so cool of u 2 B) now listen we uhh need new teamates so want in? juno and blujay are fanz of gunpowder gang so they say yes they do a training montage and 3 years later it's 2021 and blujay and juno are on the gunpowder gang so since parra is the leader he has to do alot of work and thats how it is so the 4 kaye john Juno and blujay go to shoppin and get shit then they see djgj robots ro like 100,000 of them HOLY SHIT juno sez and well the four kill all of them so since its haloween they get started on ding dong ditching and every one except john kaye blujay and juno are whereing fnf haloween costumes so they run all four of them then they keep talkin so yea but a gang pops up one with stands and says hey you are the gunpowder gang huh (Jolyne's theme plays) gang people say die it gets into this fight n shit they keep fighting and the gang lost gg and parra summon them and sez there is a assassin after u guys from that bitch djgj HOLY SHIT juno sez and well blujay was pissing his pants and john was crying kaye was shocked and why bc it was... king... PATATO now they relized they were ded but juno said listen man if u guys scared i have to uhh defeat him people can die lives are in danger ;_; so blujay goes with him and they just go to the highway and talk about cbb and shit then spot king patato king patato sez haha you knaves are foolish yaknow i will kill u if you try and fight me back but juno had it and sez do you were femboys or were you born in the microwave as a baby? that pisses me off king patato sez and well he reveals his stand wich is and wand it has telecanices but it does not work on humans and stands but since every human wheres clothes he can use his staff on their clothes just to beat them up so he injures blujay jnuo gets pissed gets out his stand and goes ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA on him it was SUPER EFECTIVE ( stardust crusaders theme plays) and they fight saying lines n shit but juno needs help bc he about to die so john and kaye pops in and all four fight and the finishing mone juno sez you are so evil you i heard you killed two women today byb the name of susie and monice]a let me just tell you, you played a game with and stomped on her multiple times well you're back up but if you were on the ground i would spare you so i must do it ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA and he dies so they go back to baseand shit and have a toast but the episode ends with djgj on a screen hmm looks like juno will have to go through a few more o cast mine giving me a toast for our rival juno here ha ha ha ha ha so parra brings kaya john and blujay in a room without telling juno and parra says juno thinks that his brother died but actully its djgj his brother he thinks that so keep it a seceret now the reason i know because he has the same powers after that teh episode ends. Characters and references: Me @parra86rar @EpicJohn11 @DJGreenJes @ysporquix @0urCast @ItzBlujay @potato445566 thats all bye




sorry if i misspell stuff

Dam thats alot o script

It took a day

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Mucho texto

yeah took like ages

Nice. Also I’m back dude I’m ready to rock and roll.