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currently i am a artist i will be creating series upon series of animation and games with people
my birth march 3rd
my real name jack
my bestfriend hayden
favorite ng character darnell
the best person in the world tom fulp
thats it


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Juno news #1

Posted by JunoEddleman - 1 day ago

hello guys i am Juno and today in cali it is 75 degrees f on a damn windy day for me i was listening to music today anyways the muic creator of the day is Coda he created IGGY WALK Crazy my Beat and BLOODY STREAM i will link Crazy my Beat https://youtu.be/kB8LcQucKyY?list=RDkB8LcQucKyY anyways that was the link go listen to it so today uh some new stuff are happening so the new speed paint of jjba is out rate it please new info on showdown technacally in one of the scenes djgj picks up a road roller and like uses on me just to crush my characters bones also person of the day is @Doggonnys yes the person of the day lets get down to a story so i was at school and some weird stuff happend a fire alarm went off and i was going crazy like the island bois i go to my friend he is pissing his pants as in if it was the end of the world and he is crying like he was called something a insult i was very confused like why is there a fire alarm going off so i think is it because of a furry getting mad at twitter so they decide to burn down a school to get revenge i think again and well maybe its baba yaga or some cursed stuff but then the principal comes up on the speaker and says false alarm there was no fire and my friend had to call his mom to get new pants and so he did that was crazy like very info on showown so we will have a season with djgj where he gains golden expirence and fights like a lot of people like he will have a rematch with o cast and maybe some other people but thats all you will see the script to pt 3 with benja and stuff aslo you get the script of pt 1 and thats all catch you tomorrow


Yay ^w^

I’m person of the day